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Well, I'm officially 3 credits closer to a MLS. Today was the last class and the presentation of our final projects. All is well and as with the previous class I took, I have aced it. I had planned to not ace this class. I wasn't going to stress about getting A's and I even felt like I did some serious slacking. But, apparently my slacking is way beyond the average persons trying. I wonder how much slacking I would have to do in order get a B?

What I've learned -

My standards are still very high. I thought I'd worked on that, but I'm still amazed at the work handed in and the grades received.

How to edit myself. All the papers I wrote were well over the page limit and I had to cut back. This is new. I had no idea I had so much to say. I'm pretty sure I didn't used to have that much to say.

Getting a MLS might actually be relevant to my job.

I would also suggest not house-sitting, attending a conference and staying up until 2am watching a puppet show, the weekend before ones final project is due. (I am sooo not in my 20's any more)

The house-sitting was 7 minutes from work (OMG, I can't even tell you how happy that made me), the conference was NY Comic Con, I know not really work at all and I got to see a reading by Neil Gaiman - However the person I went to the puppet show with had dinner with Neil that night.

That's it I'm done. I'm going to catch up on some sleep now.

Next up, reading lots of books for 5th graders and then, maybe I can read something for fun and more in the non-children's genre. I've had a stack of stuff collecting since I thought taking a class was a good idea.
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