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Giddy with MEAT

After viewing very cool plasticized bodies and learning many 'a thing followed by a bit of guitar-ing, matociquala and I headed to the local churrascaria (which roughly translates to MEAT) for dinner. She'd said we'd be having a Meatstravanganza. Little did I know what that meant.

I'm a fan of meat. I love prime rib. I love most kinds of meats, that I've meet. I had no idea what I was getting into!

I went in to the churrascaria an innocent and came out waving the flag of surrender at the parade of MEAT. I am forever changed.

What I've learned? MEAT can go to your head. It can make you laugh at what you've done to yourself. It makes the word MEAT funny. It is a conquering entity.

All I can say is walking to and from the restaurant just may have saved me.

And now, that I am starting to regain control of my being, I must contemplate the ethical dilemmas of being a Librarian.

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