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The Lobster puppet made me Read it!

I think about Reading a lot. Not about whether or not to read, but about the act of reading. Not so odd since sometimes I masquerade as a children’s librarian.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how I come across the books that I do read. Some are things that come across my desk (when I’m not masquerading as a children’s librarian I’m working a way in the Technical Service’s department) with interesting covers, others are things I’ve seen as I process that week’s book order with interesting titles. There is much talk about books in this building, stand in one place for not very long and a book discussion will start itself. I get recommendations from co-workers, friends and the internets. There are books everywhere trying to get my attention to read them, sometimes it works, some times it doesn’t. (It would be interesting to see the percentage of books that I take home with me and the percentage that actually gets read. So, far in 2007 I’ve read 101 books, which is few than I've read in the past few years.)

The book I just finished, Glasshouse by Charles Stross, was recommended by matociquala via a lobster puppet. The lobster puppet was originally intended to live with Mr. Stross, but due to the wild world of international mail, he only made it to the intended country, but couldn’t find a way to the correct address, so was returned to sender. After 6 months in a box traveling about the seas of mail, Matociquala gave him to me. I love him. He’s very cute and quite soft. I named the lobster Charlie in tribute to the intended owner.

This situation got me thinking…Charles Stross is and author, I should read one of his books. To the catalog I went, And found Glasshouse (in the wrong section, if it’s science fiction and it doesn’t have a spacecraft on the cover it frequently finds it’s way in to the non-scifi fiction section – I had to take a couple of Matociquala's books back to be recataloged, too) I also found another of his books that said it was on the shelf and it was not. ok,enough about the cataloging and shelving issues (oh, and don't get me started on the graphic novel shelving issues!) of my library.

btw, I thoughly enjoyed Glasshouse and booktalked it at our staff meeting, but I didn't tell them a lobster puppet made me read it.
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