May 3rd, 2007

dragonfly atya

A mostly dead fish...

As some of you know I volunteered to do hospice care for my children's library's fish.

His name is Rainbow Fish (the 6th) and he's a betta.

The problems arose when he started hanging out a the top of his bowl while lying on his side. From what I know about fish this means your fish is dead. Except our fish is definitely not dead.

So, the parents and the children of the library would look to us and say "I think your fish is dead." We'd sigh and respond "No, he's just taken to lying on his side."

The librarian in charge of Rainbow's care was adamant about not "flushing" the fish before his time. I'm behind that theory, but it seemed like we were torturing ourselves and the patrons with the mostly dead fish.

So, I figure we go out and get a new blue betta fish to name Rainbow Fish the 7th and I would take The 6th home for a peaceful death with out the small fingers tapping his bowl and the parents pulling his bowl closer toward the edge of the counter in order for their "little ones" to see better. (Rainbow the 5th died from complications a day after a "little one" pulled his bowl off the counter and on to the floor)

Fast forward about two weeks...

R the 6th is still alive and living in a vase. I figure since he's still alive he deserves a real bowl and maybe some rocks and a plant. You know, a home. (Ok, so matociquala looked at #6 and said he looked like he needed a bigger bowl.) Oh, and I put him on a diet. I always thought he got feed too much at the library.

#6 seemed to really like his new digs. He was more energetic and he stopped lying, weirdly things were looking up. A week after he moved into his new home he started blowing bubbles! I hadn't see this fish blow bubbles in over a year! Do you know why betta fish, male betta fish blow bubbles? Because, they are ready to mate!

So, let's less than a month I went from a mostly dead fish to a very happy, horny fish!

I do believe that I'll be living with a the 6th for quite some time...