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Well, I'm officially 3 credits closer to a MLS. Today was the last class and the presentation of our final projects. All is well and as with the previous class I took, I have aced it. I had planned to not ace this class. I wasn't going to stress about getting A's and I even felt like I did some serious slacking. But, apparently my slacking is way beyond the average persons trying. I wonder how much slacking I would have to do in order get a B?

What I've learned -

My standards are still very high. I thought I'd worked on that, but I'm still amazed at the work handed in and the grades received.

How to edit myself. All the papers I wrote were well over the page limit and I had to cut back. This is new. I had no idea I had so much to say. I'm pretty sure I didn't used to have that much to say.

Getting a MLS might actually be relevant to my job.

I would also suggest not house-sitting, attending a conference and staying up until 2am watching a puppet show, the weekend before ones final project is due. (I am sooo not in my 20's any more)

The house-sitting was 7 minutes from work (OMG, I can't even tell you how happy that made me), the conference was NY Comic Con, I know not really work at all and I got to see a reading by Neil Gaiman - However the person I went to the puppet show with had dinner with Neil that night.

That's it I'm done. I'm going to catch up on some sleep now.

Next up, reading lots of books for 5th graders and then, maybe I can read something for fun and more in the non-children's genre. I've had a stack of stuff collecting since I thought taking a class was a good idea.
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What Librarian's do...

As many of you know I have a long list of things that I do at the library and in the last week I was coerced in to putting together coffee and muffins for a meeting I was hosting.

And yesterday, would you believe, a Bouncer? Who knew the library needed a bouncer, ok, it was a bit more a combination of bouncer and traffic cop.

We had a very successful author visit with book buying and signing. I'd gone to see the program, but when it was over chaos began and no one was herding the people to the correct lines. So, I moved chairs, herded people and kept lines in something that may have resembled order. Not to mention keeping people not in the lines away from the author.

Traffic cop is apparently a better job for me than selling the books, 'cause the last time I was selling books, I was doing it fast and furious and I managed to sell the authors personal copy that he had brought with him. oops.
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Giddy with MEAT

After viewing very cool plasticized bodies and learning many 'a thing followed by a bit of guitar-ing, matociquala and I headed to the local churrascaria (which roughly translates to MEAT) for dinner. She'd said we'd be having a Meatstravanganza. Little did I know what that meant.

I'm a fan of meat. I love prime rib. I love most kinds of meats, that I've meet. I had no idea what I was getting into!

I went in to the churrascaria an innocent and came out waving the flag of surrender at the parade of MEAT. I am forever changed.

What I've learned? MEAT can go to your head. It can make you laugh at what you've done to yourself. It makes the word MEAT funny. It is a conquering entity.

All I can say is walking to and from the restaurant just may have saved me.

And now, that I am starting to regain control of my being, I must contemplate the ethical dilemmas of being a Librarian.
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Unwind by Neal Shusterman

OK, I started to post this two days ago, but work, preparing for the family to descend on me for Christmas, oh and the mouse escapades*!

The problem is I really enjoyed this book and I don't seem to have the words to describe it.

Anyway, it's another Teen book. It seems to be what I lean towards lately. (I'm going to be in such trouble come May, when I'm supposed to do booktalks for the 4th & 5th graders.)

Throw the Abortion controversy, organ donation, and runaways teenagers in a society that has had a "civil war" over the abortion issue and come out on the other side in a way none of us ever want to see.

The Aftermath:
Abortion is illegal but, you can Stork (leave your baby on the doorstep of someone else)

The entire human body can be used for transplant.

You may decide to Unwind your child between the ages of 13 and 18. Unwinding is retroactively aborting your child, but they are not "killed" they are used as organ donors.

It's the journey of 3 unwinds on the run - trying to stay alive until they can reach the age of 18.

This is one of the most though provoking, horrify books I've read in a really long time.

There was one scene of the unwinding process from the point of view of the kid...I will never be the same.

I heard the author speak about this book before it was published and he said he wanted to do a book on abortion without taking either side of the issue, and for the most part he didn't except at the very end - one of the characters definitely has pro-choice tendencies.

* Mice have mad cleaning apartment incredibly difficult. I'm trying to find spaces for things that have never had a space before. Oh, did I mention the nightmares that dealing with the mice are causing me...I haven't had a good nights sleep in 4 days.
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Telecommuting librarians...?

Anyone have any theories on how a librarian could work from home?

I've spent 3hrs! THREE! in my car today trying to get to and from work. (that's double what it normally takes) Granted, It's been worse, but really...my car almost overheated.

If any of you ever hear me thinking that changing my hours to go in for 9am sounds like a good idea, please, please, please for my own sanity, do not let me do it, PLEASE!
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The Lobster puppet made me Read it!

I think about Reading a lot. Not about whether or not to read, but about the act of reading. Not so odd since sometimes I masquerade as a children’s librarian.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how I come across the books that I do read. Some are things that come across my desk (when I’m not masquerading as a children’s librarian I’m working a way in the Technical Service’s department) with interesting covers, others are things I’ve seen as I process that week’s book order with interesting titles. There is much talk about books in this building, stand in one place for not very long and a book discussion will start itself. I get recommendations from co-workers, friends and the internets. There are books everywhere trying to get my attention to read them, sometimes it works, some times it doesn’t. (It would be interesting to see the percentage of books that I take home with me and the percentage that actually gets read. So, far in 2007 I’ve read 101 books, which is few than I've read in the past few years.)

The book I just finished, Glasshouse by Charles Stross, was recommended by matociquala via a lobster puppet. The lobster puppet was originally intended to live with Mr. Stross, but due to the wild world of international mail, he only made it to the intended country, but couldn’t find a way to the correct address, so was returned to sender. After 6 months in a box traveling about the seas of mail, Matociquala gave him to me. I love him. He’s very cute and quite soft. I named the lobster Charlie in tribute to the intended owner.

This situation got me thinking…Charles Stross is and author, I should read one of his books. To the catalog I went, And found Glasshouse (in the wrong section, if it’s science fiction and it doesn’t have a spacecraft on the cover it frequently finds it’s way in to the non-scifi fiction section – I had to take a couple of Matociquala's books back to be recataloged, too) I also found another of his books that said it was on the shelf and it was not. ok,enough about the cataloging and shelving issues (oh, and don't get me started on the graphic novel shelving issues!) of my library.

btw, I thoughly enjoyed Glasshouse and booktalked it at our staff meeting, but I didn't tell them a lobster puppet made me read it.
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The amazing mostly dead fish that wasn't, and now is...

Last night, I returned home from my first group guitar lesson and as usual checked on the amazing Mostly Dead Fish and he was hanging out at the bottom of the bowl and looking quite pale. He seemed to perk up a bit when I was talking to him, but for the past 3 days he wouldn't or couldn't eat anything. He'd sometimes manage to get the food in his mouth and hold it for a bit and then spit it out.

This morning, I came out to check on him and he was lying at the bottom of the bowl not breathing. We had a very nice service around the commode and off to fish heaven he went.

He was a good little fish who had a very nice retirement and possibly lived 5 months longer than if he had stayed at the library. It was good to have another living thing in my apartment for a while.

I will always remember the Mostly Dead Fish.

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We now return you to your regularly scheduled life...

I've been thinking about this event for about a year.

I've been planning this event for six months.

I've survived the 250 children running rampant through my library and their 200 mostly oblivious parents.
They seemed to have a fabulous time! One of my teen volunteers for the evening gave the event an A+.

I am officially breaking up with the fictional 17 year old boy. Oh wait I think I have to wait until tomorrow (ugh, I mean later today), I'm taking Jennifer's mom to see the 5th movie. Then that's it we are breaking up!!!!!!

I'm planning on going into work on Monday and taking a poll about what it is that my job used to be, 'cause I for one have no recollection of what it was that I used to do at the library before the fictional 17 year old boy took it over.

I believe I'm going to try sleeping now....
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